Our client list is confidential as we respect our clients right to privacy and confidentiality. However, in the recent past  a few of the many cases we have successfully handled are:

  1. Investigation and enforement of our clients intellectual property in the Federal High Court.
  2. Successful defence of our client in claims of wrongful termination of employment before the State High court.
  3. Successful defence of our client in a claim of libel and defamation before the State High court.
  4. Successful enforcement of the terms of a mortgage on behalf of our client before the State High Court.
  5. Successful defence of a derivative action brought by minority shareholders of a limited liability company before the Federal High Court.
  6. Successful defence of a bank in a claim of negligence brought by a customer.
  7. Obtained a discharge and aquittal for a client facing a charge of robbery.
  8. Successful conversion of a charge of culpable homicide punishable with death to a charge of manslaughter.

We have also succesfully incorporated several limited liability companies, obtained acceptance for four trademarks, conducted several land searches, written legal opinions, represented clients in meetings, represented our clients before government agencies etcetera.